Radiotherapy Planning Tools

Radiotherapy Planning Tools
CCMO includes a number of customised tools which have been specially developed to allow users to practise some of the practical skills involved in radiotherapy planning.
  • The contouring tool allows users to contour up to five contours on multiple image slices. Users can change the image magnification and adjust the image contrast.
  • The simulator tool allows users to place radiotherapy treatment fields on orthogonal films. Users can change the field size, rotate the field and create multiple blocks to shield critical organs.
  • The dosimetry tool allows users to create radiotherapy dosimetry plans with up to four beams. Users can change the gantry angle, the beam weight and the field size. The beams can be wedged and there is a choice of two energies.

With all the tools, users can obtain instant feedback by comparing their efforts with reference answers.

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