Interactive Learning Content

Interactive Learning Content
The emphasis of CCMO is on the development of those skills essential for clinical practice, including principles of decision making and application of knowledge.

Aspects covered include image interpretation, radiotherapy planning (target volume delineation, beam arrangement, plan and DVH evaluation), chemotherapy prescription and interpretation of pathology and laboratory results.
There is a wide variety of case-based discussions of common scenarios encountered in the clinic. Different types of assessments are included throughout the sessions to encourage self-evaluation and reflection.
The aim is to emphasise the key information necessary for patient management.

Latest News

  • May: Metastatic Disease Case 1 (Miscellaneous)
  • April: Parotid Case 1 (Head & Neck)
  • March: Haematology Case 2 (Miscellaneous)
  • February: Occult Primary Case 1 (Head & Neck)
  • January: Principles of IMRT (Fundamentals)

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